Snow & Ash - Theresa Shaver

Snow & Ash

By Theresa Shaver

  • Release Date: 2015-04-11
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 5
From 103 Ratings


Snow and Ash, An Endless Winter Novel

Book 1

Bomb after bomb dropped across the globe sending the world tumbling into a seemingly never ending nuclear winter.

Skylar Ross is ten that day when she’s ripped from dance classes and sleepovers to being an orphan in a prepper’s paradise of a mountain bunker. Her determination to protect her baby brother keeps her locked away with nothing but responsibility and loneliness. Her father’s words are a continuous echo, “Trust no one. Help no one.”

Rex Larson is eleven that day. He’s left stranded on the side of the road in a strange place far from home when his mother dies the first day. With his own small brother to look after he is lost and alone. Rex has no choice but to trust complete strangers with his and his brother’s future.

Two different survivors in two different circumstances spend the next seven years trying to survive until an explosive meeting changes both their courses and lives forever. Trust is almost impossible when your whole life is spent in the Snow & Ash.


  • A seriously great read

    By Zehaas
    I've been reading science fiction since I was 12 and this is among the best I have come across. I am usually very picky but I really can't find anything wrong with his novel; It is a pure joy to read. If you love post-apocalyptic like I do, you will really enjoy this series. It has interesting, intelligent characters and a great setting. Ms. shaver's writing style is so good and easy to read, You won't be able to stop.
  • Satisfying

    By Jamie Fawn
    This book was on of the most satisfying reads that I have had the pleasure read in a long time. Can't wait to read the next one, keep up the good work! Jamie
  • Fantastic! Needs to be a movie

    By Bdg:68
    I read a lot and hardly ever leave review unless I think a book is exceptional. You will not be sorry ! This is a wonderful read with a well flowing story line, great characters. It will pull you right in. I will definitely be buying more from this author.
  • Good story, but needs good proofreader

    By KinoLuciDoll
    The story was very engaging and the author has quite a knack for storytelling. However, nothing will bring me out of my enjoyment faster than seeing "would of" for "would've", repetitive misspells, using apostrophes for plural words, etc. Please find a good proofreader so your readers can truly enjoy your books without being ripped out of the storyline by bad spelling and grammar.
  • Snow & Ash

    By Stinky pete567
    Well written story and great for teen readers or adults. Ms. Shaver is an excellent story teller & I'll need to get the other books in the series to see what happens to Skylar and her friends. The author paints a disturbingly realistic post nuclear war vision of the survival of the last humans on Earth. It's a great book!
  • Excellent Read

    By Mo$$MoProbs
  • Snow and ash

    By Gierke2
    Captivating!! Can't wait for the next book in the series!!!
  • Neyland

    By Mjn201509
    Just read Snow and Ash. Exceptional book. Well written. Well done!