Season of Madness - Robert Scott

Season of Madness

By Robert Scott

  • Release Date: 2013-05-28
  • Genre: True Crime


California Nightmare. . .

Annette Edwards was a vivacious 19-year-old on her way to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. Eighteen-year-old Pam Moore was a former beauty pageant contestant, hitching a ride on a busy street. Linda Slavik was a young mother enjoying a night out with a friend. Annette Selix was just eleven, an innocent child on her way home from the market. Each of them was attacked without warning, brutally assaulted, and left for dead by a bitter, disfigured man in the grip of a violent frenzy: the so-called "Hilltop Rapist." But serial predator Darrell Rich didn't stop at just four victims. He couldn't stop. . .

"Scott tells a true story with compassion and taste." --Reviewing the Evidence

Praise for Robert Scott and Shattered Innocence

"Compelling and shocking. . .a ground-breaking book." --Robert K. Tanenbaum

"Fascinating and fresh. . .a fast-paced, informative read." --Sue Russell


  • This book was more than just engrossing

    By Bible on iPad mini
    I love the writing style but most of all, I loved the ending. This is a story of what happened to girls and women back when most people were not afraid to walk alone at night. Nothing bad had ever happened and police did not have the resources they have now. I think all adults and especially parents should read this book and don't trust just anybody. 5 stars for an exceptional book.