Teacher's Pet - Avery Phillips

Teacher's Pet

By Avery Phillips

  • Release Date: 2014-09-22
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4
From 1,710 Ratings


Lesson #1 Life Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans

Lynora Minnelli must remain focused and graduate, but that's not easy when Simon Foster, the hot new Professor, is so irresistible. Keeping her head in a book grows more and more unlikely as long as Simon's around.

There's no denying she's attracted to him, but when he becomes equally smitten with her, not studying will be the least of Lynora's problems. If their affair is discovered, it will be a hard lesson for both of them to learn.

Teacher's Pet is a coming of age, new adult romance that teeters on erotic romance. It's meant for a mature audience, 18 and older only.


  • Teacher's Pet

    By AlejLuz
    Kept my attention- just felt a little bit more of a relationship could have been developed between the main characters...possibly another moment in the office-after the tree incident and before the climax🙂
  • Loved It!!!

    By KiDani93
    I absolutely loved reading this book. Where I can find Book #2? I need it now!!!!!!
  • Terrible!

    By SBnm
    Completely unbelievable. A professor who is so concerned with losing his job would never put himself in such ridiculous situations. Having sex with a student in her dorm room and leaving partially undressed, it just wouldn't happen. Not to mention the hero is a total d-bag with no redeeming qualities. He treats the heroine like dirt and is emotionally and verbally abusive. And, to put the cherry on this awful story, it ends in a cliff hanger. I can't imagine why anyone would spend money to find out how this truly terrible story ends.
  • Made me cringe

    By Nya676
    The whole book made me cringe, it moved to fast and gave it no plot.
  • Great Characters

    By SouthTxgirl77
    Really liked the story and the development of the characters.
  • Amazing

    By Bulldogg08
  • Loved it!

    By Tattedtla
    I read all four books in literally about 8 hours...I could not put it down. There was a point in time when I could not stand Lyne, she was immature, sleazy and foolish with her choices but eventually she came around and I was extremely satisfied with the ending. I feel like the books needed to be longer and more in depth as far as Simon and Dane goes. There were only 2 sexual encounters with Simon before Dane came along (if I'm not mistaken), it didn't go into much of his background until like the middle of the series....I just felt like it lacked detail with the men in general because it focused more on her going back and forth, back and forth. Overall it was good though...
  • Teacher's Pet

    By Redcalex
    Great little quick read! Ready for the next one!
  • No suspense

    By AngelEyes7214
    Jumps into action to quickly leaving out suspense and making the storyline a little to fake to feel like it could be believable.
  • Loved it

    By Tour3f
    Nice read.