Truth or Dare - Ember Casey

Truth or Dare

By Ember Casey

  • Release Date: 2013-08-28
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 302 Ratings


The steamy sequel to HIS WICKED GAMES...

After their passionate, heated weekend at the Cunningham estate, Lily and Calder have decided to take their relationship to the next level. But love in the real world isn't all fun and games--especially when it becomes clear that Calder still harbors his share of secrets.

When Calder suddenly suggests they slow things down, Lily knows something is seriously wrong--and she's not afraid to pull out the big guns. She makes Calder a proposal he can't refuse: an ongoing match of Truth or Dare that she hopes will bring them closer together.

But as the contest increases in intensity, so do the stakes, and suddenly Lily and Calder have to face the question they've both been avoiding: what sort of relationship do they have when they strip away all the games?

Cunningham Family Reading Order:
His Wicked Games (Book 1)
Truth or Dare (Book 2)
Sweet Victory (Book 2.5)
Her Wicked Heart (Book 3)
Take You Away (Book 3.5)
Lost and Found (Book 4)
Completely (Short Story)
Their Wicked Wedding (Book 5)
A Cunningham Christmas (Book 5.5)
Their Wicked Forever (Book 6)



    By fit2Btied1
    Love this whole series! They have some freakishly hot sex scenes! I love it!
  • Truth or Dare

    By Rfsue
    I have read 100's of romance novels and have never written a review. What can I say but Well Done! I enjoyed the characters and the games they played. Truth: Loved the book! Dare: You to read it! Once again Well Done! ;)
  • 😍😍

    By Dollynick
    Great book love it!
  • Truth or dare

    By Sherrysmiles
    I absolutely loved it!! The chemistry between them to is indescribable! This book is too amazing not to read!
  • Very good!

    By Aggie_girl1298
    Great writing and great story!! I just bought the third book! Can't wait to see how the story ends!
  • A++++

    By Jajaline
    Loved this novel,
  • Great read

    By Melmccord
    Could not put it down!!!
  • Truth or Dare

    By B.B. 0318
    I loved this book just as much as the first. Again, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to start the final installment!!!
  • Too many intimate scenes!! Not enough story

    By jenjai
    I like the first book but my problem with this one is there's intimate scenes every 5 pages. And I love a good love scene but it got annoying It focused too much on that aspect and not on their relationship. There's one part (not a spoiler) where calder's hand is bleeding and instead of trying to take care of it they immediately get down to business and it's like really?? You couldn't write some actually dialogue or story in there after he hurt himself.
  • Wow!

    By SCole48
    What a sequel! I can't wait to read the third.