Selena's Secret - Maria Celeste Arraras

Selena's Secret

By Maria Celeste Arraras

  • Release Date: 2015-03-03
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 3
From 45 Ratings


20th Anniversary Edition
An intimate and investigative portrait of beloved Mexican American singer Selena Quintanilla’s murder by Emmy Award-winning journalist María Celeste Arrarás. Now with a new foreword and afterword by the author for the 20th Anniversary Edition.

There is no doubt that Yolanda Saldívar pulled the trigger and killed Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla Pérez on March 31, 1995. But does anyone know what really happened in Room 158 of the Days Inn, moments before the crime took place? María Celeste Arrarás has many answers, and her unrivaled coverage of the murder, trial, and aftermath made her the undisputed expert on the Selena case. Arrarás shares firsthand information about the crime and the people involved—including details of her headline-making jailhouse interview with Yolanda, who repeatedly spoke of “Selena’s secret”—a powerful hidden piece of information that she refused to divulge in the courtroom but revealed to Arrarás at length. Many questions were raised, and not all were answered until this revealing interview shed light on the crime.

Why was there a suitcase filled with Selena’s clothes at the murder scene? What was the significance of the jeweled ring, adorned with the initial S that fell from Selena’s bloody fist? Who was the doctor from Monterrey who called himself Selena’s confidant and business adviser? Selena’s Secret fits together the pieces of this puzzle and depicts what really happened on that rainy day in March.


  • Worthless

    By KevinMRod
    This book was not worth the energy then, and it still isn't. The only energy that needs to be given to the story of Selena is by listening to her music. Giving any time to the woman who took that voice away; is time no one needs.
  • Worst book ever👎🏽👎🏽

    By griss.97
    Please don't even bother waste of money & time !!!! What was the message ?!??!?!! You money hungry Maria Celeste,if any of your daughters got murder then someone else wrote a book by the killer's perspective false claims definitely not a good's full of crap 💩
  • Maria Celeste BURN IN HELL

    By * Level 181920 *
    Maria celeste made this book with STUPID LIES THAT AREN'T EVEN TRUE suzette quintanilla said that Maria is full of CRAP to tell a bunch of lies that selena didn't even do 🖕U MARIA CELESTE
  • False

    By rainZoLl
    This book is filled with so many lies about Selena. What's so disgusting is that the author got all of this information from the psychopathic killer of Selena. Do not buy this book! Selena forever from Denver Colorado 2017
  • Wow - 20th Edition Reveals the Secret

    By Dolcekiwi
    I can't believe I delayed so much in buying this book simply because of the reviews.. If you seriously couldn't identify "the secret" the author was trying to propose in this book, then you have comprehension issues. I picked it up half way into the book! She gave SO many details about Selena we never knew. Now whether you will believe them or not is up to you! But the message is clearly delivered ! READ UNTIL THE END!
  • Desperate to be sell a book!

    By Sinaloa83
    The secret of this book you will find out is that you wasted your time and money!! This was such a waste of money!! The author claims her sources are based on court documents and testimonies. But most of the "alternative facts" were made up in order to help the defense of her killer. The info from the book is the same information the jury heard which took them less than two hours to find her killer guilty. The jury didn't buy the story and neither should you!! What's next? A book about Laci Peterson or Cayley Anthony with her "sources" being Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony's lawyers? You are not real Journalist Maria!!
  • Money hungry

    By Manda19882
    She should've just left Selena's family be at peace. She wrote this book just to try and be a little more famous. If there was a secret, she owed nothing to Selena's killer to keep it. This book title is misleading and a waste of a read.
  • Unbalanced: heavily sided on Saldivar's side

    By Chris 19834
    Seems to me the author tried to have a 'balanced' take on events. She kept saying "she said" when referring to Yolanda. When referring to Abraham it was "according to Abraham". You can clearly see who she sided more with. The word "according" leaves room for doubt. It got to her head with the amount of trust the killer and her family had in her; as if she were someone special. Unbelievable how she showed more doubt in Abraham and the dates/coincidences in her interview versus the one one in prison. No sense of doubt in what Yolanda was saying, despite constant contradictions in her stories. Even when describing the trial, I was hoping to get a balanced sense of both sides. Unfortunately, more was discussed on how it seemed favorable for Yolanda rather than statements from the prosecutor. Was Valdez really that quiet during the trial and Tinker just happened to talk the majority of the time??? I felt like the prosecutor of the trial barely existed. She claims to be a journalist to want both sides of the story, yet she barely touched on the pain of Abraham and his family. Too much discussion on the Saldivar family's pain. An affair with Dr. Martinez? Hard to believe. It was all he said she said pertaining to him. No tangible proof of this whatsoever. If she were to prove that there was indeed a call to him on the date of the shooting, then maybe I'd be more open to the idea. Perhaps Martinez got tired of her trying to look for gold that didn't exist so he just decided to make her happy and give her the 'facts' she's wanted for so long. After all, he had nothing to lose with 2 failed marriages and living across the globe in Spain.
  • Selena's Secret

    By beccabuc71
    WOW!WOW!!WOW!!!Finally!! The MISSING pieces to the puzzle! I've often felt a connection with Selena's story being from South Texas and sharing same birth year. She was HUMAN! Such a Dignified view & well researched from this Emmy-winning journalist. This doesn't change the talent Selena possessed but perhaps exposes hidden details of a family caught up in the fame, fortune of a new life.
  • Outstanding

    By Emoji's are cute
    I loved every inch of this book. It had me curious and in suspense every step of the way. For a moment I felt disappointed because I came up with many conclusions only to be let down. I read the ending and to my surprise I had discovered Selena's Secret. Great book. I highly recommend it.