Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 1 - Aaron Kyro

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 1

By Aaron Kyro

  • Release Date: 2013-12-10
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
Score: 5
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Professional skateboarder Aaron Kyro breaks down the basics of skateboarding in this easy to follow book with clear video descriptions.  The most detailed how-to skateboard video ever made is now in book form!  All 50 minutes of the full "Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 1" video tutorial are included.  The tricks are broken down into chapters and the step-by-step process for each trick is clearly laid out for you to follow.  In this book you will learn the basics of riding your skateboard as well as how to Ollie, Frontside 180, Backside 180, Pop Shove-it, Frontside Pop Shove-it, Heelflip and Kickflip.  Follow the steps in this book and progress super fast in your skateboarding now! 



    By Crbuckendorf
  • Isn't compatible iBooks 4.1

    By RyanIsTheShiz
    Will change if fixed so I can use or please refund the purchase
  • Get Skateboarding made simple!

    By Official_coramichelle
    If you are just learning to skateboard and you are struggling, get this tutorial NOW! It will benefit you! It is really detailed and covers all the basic skateboarding tricks. I used to push mongo and always couldn't land half the tricks in this volume. I always had a hard time pushing regular, and I felt more comfortable mongo than anything. When I got skateboarding made simple volume 1, it changed everything, I am now pushing more comfortable then ever, popping high 180s, nailing kick flips and keeping front shoves under me every time. Thank you Aaron! It means a lot to me that you are doing this.
  • Epic

    By smsims03
  • Great System!

    By BorisTheHulk
    First i want to thank Aaron for the amazing done to bring this book alive. The best way to lear how to do something is to do it, and to do it right. That's what this book is about and it works amazingly well. Ive been skating for two month now and doing all the steps of volume one I'm able to do so much that I'd ever imagine.
  • Awesome

    By FlaccidyetFirm
    Learned more in the past two weeks practicing 15 minutes today than I did the whole two years I was skateboarding in the past. Great for people who don't have a big skateboarding seen in their local area.
  • Faith

    By Addgngghcvchhgh124
    Hope it works
  • Great book for beginners and advanced riders

    By The flappinator
    I went almost 15 years without skating, and now at 35 I have picked it up again. Aaron's book and videos are not only inspirational, but they have helped me to correct some bad habits that I developed years ago. The way Aaron breaks down each trick helps you to see the board movement as well as proper angles to flick. The foot placement is also spot on. I recommend this to anyone who is just starting out, or anyone who wants to advance their skill set. #keeppushing
  • Excellent Comprehensive Tutorial Guide, Carefully-Detailed, Well-Illustrated

    By MDTannen
    My young son and I enjoyed using this excellent, comprehensive tutorial guide (one of a series in 6 parts) to learn skateboarding in the parks and sidewalks of San Francisco and New York City. The well-designed tutorial guide begins simply to cover all the basic elements of hardware and safety. Then it slowly advances in a very well-planned, step-by-step approach, teaching how to mount and ride a skateboard and do "moves" safely. There are a wide variety of "moves" which become extremely useful, so they are not merely "tricks." We especially appreciated that "moves" are presented gradually in levels of increasing complexity, letting users go back in sequence to practice again and again. The text is carefully detailed and well-Illustrated, with plenty of useful, graphic professional videos, structured to help advance slowly but surely so users are safely guided, not frustrated. We highly recommend these excellent tutorial guides because they are easy to read and follow, extremely useful and certainly worth the modest cost. We purchased all 6 parts of this tutorial series for $60, less than the hourly cost of just a single private lesson from a skateboard professional trainer, so it's really worth trying.
  • Stating the obvious

    By qwsbiggest_123
    Same steps as any other skateboard guide nothing special. Other than that, the videos are great