Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (Interactive Edition) - Games Workshop

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (Interactive Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2013-12-21
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
Score: 4
From 26 Ratings


Not all battles in the 41st Millennium are massed engagements between lumbering armies and towering war machines. In the shadows of these epic conflicts, squads of elite soldiers clash - their missions no less vital, their foes no less deadly. Designated as Kill Teams by the Imperium, or by a myriad of different names for their alien and daemonic counterparts, they are small bands of warriors tasked with specialised battlefield objectives. Whether it is blowing up an enemy power supply, stealing critical secrets or assassinating a vital target, a Kill Team will almost always be out numbered and outgunned. However, as elite warriors, they can rely on the fact that they will be up to the task – or they will die in the attempt!

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team is a whole new way to play games of Warhammer 40,000. Using only a handful of warriors, players can undertake perilous missions of sabotage, assassination and stealth. Inside, you will find a collection of new rules, outlining how to create Kill Team squads, and new missions to test your skills.

This interactive edition of Kill Team contains quick-links to making it easy to look up special rules during your game.


  • You’re buying convenience, not content

    By WafflesMan
    Haven’t played Kill Team before, look forward to it though. There isn’t a lot of fluff in this book. Honestly it’s a good thing that there aren’t many rules, it makes the game easier to learn and apply to the table. What you’re buying with the price is the interactive edition’s convenience. So rather than wondering about the initial cost, consider how much time the interactive features will save you. It’s so much easier to put together an army list when all of the special rules are hotlinked, rather than having to flip between the rulebook index and the special rule page and back. The key there is that it also makes the game move faster, so there’s less time on rule-checking. IMO it’s worth it.
  • This book is a must have!

    By Covenantkilla
    I've had a ton of fun playing these kill team missions. It's a great way to break into the hobby too. This version of the game has a much more tactical feel to it, and personalizing your team is encouraged. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Warhammer 40k!
  • Chess with 40k

    By DeCeccoNET
    My friends and I have been collecting and playing 40k on and off since the Third Edition era. Although we each have Apocalyptic sized armies; logistical challenges, family obligations and having to re-acquaint ourselves with the rules when we do find time to sit down and play. Our 40k games are still fun, but have become an event in of itself to be able to coordinate more than a few times a year. Kill Team breathed new life into our group. Rather than games taking the better part of a day/weekend we are able to play several games in an afternoon, each lasting no more than 90min-2hrs (and that’s only because we are still getting used to the rules again and trying different things we wouldn’t normally do in a full size game). Typically neaither side would have more than 10-20 models on the table if even that. With everyone acting individually, every move becomes a calculated risk vs reward. Victories feel earned. What’s more is that the model cost entry point for a 200pts Kill Team squad is such that without spending a fortune, we are considering a few Kill Team purpose built squads from other armies to try something completely different. I always prefer the interactive version of the Games Workshop digital releases over the eBook version. I find it very helpful against the page turning typical of re-learning the game (what does that rule do? Touch it, and everything you need is broken out for you). If you like 40k, and would enjoy being able to play smaller games that can be finished in an hour or so give Kill Team a shot. Our group found it to be tactically challenging and fun, and with several of us having families of our own now; we find these smaller games to be much more appealing than full sized 40k (or Apocalypse). It literally feels like chess but with 40k models
  • Too liitle

    By Duke of Cardigan
    Very little content. not worth the money in my opinion
  • Ok, when it works

    By FracturedDS
    Keeps crashing, especially when using the interactive links. *Updated to new iBooks version for iOS7 and I have not had a crash yet*
  • Not just simplified

    By Gozolve
    I like the presentation of the book. But I must say if you have the 3ed book with the original kill team rules you may want to use them . In an obvious attempt to simplify the rules they have written out all of the character of the kill team games. No longer is your team of characters infiltrating enemy lands in order to accomplish difficult tasks. Now it's just a mini game of 40k with boring uninteresting missions. If you do pick this up I suggest you take what rules you will from it to make your own kill team games.
  • Kill Team iBook

    By Mortis II
    Love skirmish games, love 40K this makes for a great way to use your 40K miniatures, for new players who don't have their army completed you can use Kill Team for the miniatures you have collected. Great for the experienced gamers too! Interactive book, easy to use and understand. I recommend it!
  • Kill Team updated

    By flyingtanks
    This is the regular 40K Kill Team rules updated for sixth edition. It now includes vehicles (under 33pts combined armor) and utilizes many of the new 6th ed traits. Another new twist is picking a type of speciality for each trooper in your team. Six missions are included. If you liked Kill Team in the past his may be the best version yet. If you haven't tried kill Team you should give it a shot. It is a small, quick play version of 40K that makes for a nice diversion for standard games and a great way for newcomers to get playing quickly with a small force. The interactive (iBooks Authored) version is well done and many of the rules and terms are hot linked to save on page flipping.
  • Crashfest

    By dCannon4Life
    Can't even 'start' the book. Ridiculous waste of money.