Practical Rod Pumping Optimization - John G. Svinos

Practical Rod Pumping Optimization

By John G. Svinos

  • Release Date: 2013-12-15
  • Genre: Engineering
Score: 5
From 18 Ratings


This course covers modern rod pumping system optimization and the knowledge you need to understand how rod pumping systems work, how to design and analyze them, and what affects their performance. Since a failure in any part of a rod pumping system will result in production loss and is expensive to repair, this course will cover all subjects related to the proper equipment selection, system design, diagnostic analysis of existing systems, pumping unit balancing, and in general, all techniques that minimize failures and maximize system efficiency.
My goal in developing this course is to make learning about rod pumping optimization practical, easy, and fun. Using an electronic tablet such  as the iPad is a modern and convenient way to access this type of information whenever and wherever you need it. The eBook format ensures the book will not get stale since you can always download the latest version which will be updated as rod pumping technology changes and new equipment, new software versions, and new technologies are developed.


  • Rodpumpman

    By pumppeddler
    Great book lots of future reference information.
  • Practical Rod Pumping

    By Smitty EJ
    My career of 40+ years has virtually always been deeply involved with artificial lift. The e-Book is the most complete, informative, user friendly and useful for my job of any books I have seen. It fits the needs for all levels of artificial lift personnel experience and education. It will be with me always and not in my book case.
  • A must buy for production engineers

    By K.jake.mcbride
    If you're a production engineer or AL tech, buy this book and take his course.
  • Excellent

    By RJW1993
    Great book and class. Highly suggest the ebook over the printed version, even though I usually prefer a hard copy. The ebook has a lot of useful animations and contains significantly more information than the printed version
  • Pod pumping class

    By Nsgaddis
    This class was excellent with overall knowledge in all rod pumping aspects. I would highly recommend it to all individuals seeking any additional information or general knowledge.
  • Practical Rod Pump Optimization

    By D Bonn
    This the most complete and most interactive book you'll find on the subject. The author has decades of experience on the subject and has worked on just about any type of well in any type of place imaginable.
  • Essential for Production Engineers

    By Cjpj2000
    John's book covers all of the fundamental elements to every rod pump design. The book is an easy read and clearly explains a variety of options and issues encountered by any engineer. The digital version is amazing because not only does it have videos to model and visually explain the material, John will actually update the book to keep the information evergreen reflecting current industry knowledge and practices! The book reads like his course over rod pump optimization utilizing Theta's software (rodstar,XBAL, XDIAG etc...). I highly recommend attending the class as well if you are able. John's simple optimization process is easy to follow and implement with the Theta software. Applying this strategy will improve your runtime and production. Great purchase for anyone working with rod pumps or looking to fully understand them.
  • Most modern Rod Pumping Book

    By Yiannis10
    This book is very easy to read and understand because of the detailed descriptions and excellent visual aids, incluiding animations and step by step directions. It not only explains how rod pumping systems work, but also how to run RODSTAR, XROD, XBAL, and XDIAG from Theta. A must have for all production personel.
  • Great book on rod pumping design, diagnostics, and optimization

    By LuckyHal
    Rod pumping is a very specific topic and there aren't many choices in print. There are even fewer choices available as ebooks. Lucky for us, John Svinos has put together both a great learning tool and a great reference for *everything* related to rod pumping. I have been skipping around in the ebook and I wish I would have had a chance to read it all the way through before I took John Svinos' week long class called Rod Pumping Optimization. Now I've read through almost the whole book and I'm working through the seven step optimization process as outlined in this book. I actually had purchased the print book first. I ended up buying the ebook after I heard about its extra features. The ebook has many, many more photos. It also has well animations that really helps explain different type of problems with wells. Some of the other people in the class that hadn't purchased the ebook were blown away by the animations. If only they'd bought the ebook! The printed book and the ebook also include many sample wells. I believe these wells are based off of wells that John Svinos has encountered in real life. They are great to use for practice when optimizing wells. All in all it's a really, really good ebook. One tip, if you're going to take John Svinos' Rod Pumping Optimization class make sure you come prepared to learn! Do yourself a favor and buy this ebook beforehand and give yourself a little head-start.
  • Production Engineer

    By Engineer15
    The ebook is incredibly easy to download and use. I purchased the ebook while attending John's rod pump optimization course. The ebook is filled with additonal graphs, charts, and slides that John uses during his teaching; the printed edition is missing alot of this extra information. Additionally, purchasing the ebook allows the reader to recieve free updates when a newer edition of the book is released. The highlight and note taking features on the ebook app allows the user to add comments from the course directly. Finally, if you already travel with an iPad or laptop, the ebook elimnates the need to carry the large text book. I would highly recommend future students of the course to elect to use the ebook over the printed version.