Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop

Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves (Enhanced Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2013-07-20
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
Score: 4
From 27 Ratings


Commander Farsight was once hailed by every Tau caste as a genius warrior-leader without compare. As his career blazed a bloody path across the Damocles Gulf and back again, O'Shovah split away from the Tau Empire, doggedly pursuing the Orks that had killed so many of his Fire caste comrades. It was the first overt sign of a rebellion that was to change the course of Tau history. Embittered and vengeful, Commander O'Shovah formed the planetary systems known as the Farsight Enclaves. Out on the fringes of Tau space, O'Shovah's battlesuit-led armies were to encounter not only Ork warlords, but also the biological horrors of the Tyranid race and a Warp-spawned foe so terrible it redefined reality.

This new edition of the Farsight Enclaves supplement has been revised and updated with content from War Zone Damocles: Mont'ka. It includes:
– A comprehensive account of the rise of Commander Farsight and his defection from the Tau Empire
– Uniform guides and organisation charts for the forces of the Farsight Enclaves
– The Dawn Blade Contingent detachment and all required formation datasheets
– Tactical Objectives, Warlord Traits, Signature Systems and Altar of War missions


  • Like it

    By Medong Kwidong
    I own several digital codices and prefer the format over books. The codex supplement is good. Great? Nah. I bought this hoping the Riptide Wing formation would be in it, but it is not. There are some formation rules only found in the Montka and Kauyon books. After owning it I plan to make a Farsight Enclaves detachment - Retaliation cadre. The book rules are nice and fluffy, but not always practical to pull off. Here are two examples: drones can't be purchased in a big box nor can you get extras easily & separately AND some formations call for multiple Broadsides though you can't buy a multi-pack with a discount. There is no Force Requisition in the back; it needs it added as there are items that you just can't do in the general Tau codex. The rules for the Earth Caste Pilot Array still references the Riptide being able to re-roll the Nova Reactor, but the Riptide can't take Signature Systems and the unit must be able to do so to take that. The proof reading needs a little more effort. The codex causes some confusion with the Eight. The rules say Commander for every unit that not the Riptide or Broadsides, yet the pictures show some of them in regular Crisis suits. It would be awesome if you could opt to bring some of the Eight in Crisis suits. From a points and $ standpoint it would be much easier to bring. $300 for 6 commanders, $85 for a Riptide and $50 for a Broadsides. No one is going to play them all the time. So the moral basically is, take the picture the way it can be fielded via the rules. Stop teasing us.
  • my codex is missing stuff, i should pay more?!?!

    By The Brian (m merch)
    As a person who retails Games Workshop products, this is yet another staple of proof that we do not care about our customers, do not read the reviews and try to rectify ourselves, only care about money and people with it, and worst off, have made a mockery of small business people like me who have faithfully played this game for years.
  • Great addition

    By ehemkeh
    I love the functionality of the digital products on the iPad. Farsight has been one of my favorite characters in the 40k universe. I really enjoyed reading the detailed background.
  • Farsight Enclave is a home run!

    By Telegramsam70
    Great art, background and rule set. I've been very impressed with these efforts.
  • Awesome

    By Kevonthebeardless
    Like the other rule books for warhammer this one doesn't disappoint. People knock these because of the price but they are vastly better than the paper versions. Try them out and you won't be disappointed. If you love farsight, or crisis suits this is the book for you!
  • Terribly Written, Terribly Thin

    By YakManDoo
    Honestly, the price point for this should be criminal. With the likes of great Black Library authors such as Abnett and Dembski-Bowden, GW should be ashamed. The fluff prose is atrocious. This reads like a fan-dex at codex prices. Two pages of army rules with lots of White Dwarf worthy "other." Fooled me this time on the supplemental codex GW never again.
  • The book Farsight fans have waited for!

    By Nocturus523
    I myself am a Tau fan in general and never really liked the idea behind Farsight until this supplement. The fluff answers questions that have been posed about Farsight since third edition, and while the rules are a bit fuzzy at this time, it does not diminish the quality of the book. I hope the story quality of the other supplements remains the same as it will make them very much so worth purchasing! Vic Bond
  • Everything you could hope for

    By bryankia
    Some of the best 40k writing. Check Great history that explains mysteries. Check Updated rules that let you play that battle suit army you have always wanted to play. Check Cool new WARGEAR. Check Half a dozen new characters. Check This is everything you could reasonably ask for. This is not the auto win codex. But it adds a lot to the game.
  • A long awaited supplement I never thought would be published. A MUST buy for any FARSIGHT FANBOY.

    By john wright
    If you are a Tau player, and love O'Shavah, Commander Farsight, then this is a MUST buy for you. It adds to his story, tying up the small stories in the past Tau codex's. As a Farsight fanboy, and Tau player since they hit the shelves, this is what I have been waiting for. I have played a Farsight army since before he was exiled and continued to use him as my main HQ even thru the grim days of using him. In short... If you haven't ever liked Farsight, then this is probably not for you, if you're like me.... Then this is what you want! A++++