Six Moon Summer - SM Reine

Six Moon Summer

By SM Reine

  • Release Date: 2013-09-16
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 653 Ratings


Rylie's been bitten. She's changing. And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie Gresham hates everything about summer camp: the food, the fresh air, the dumb activities, and the other girls in her cabin. But the worst part is probably being bitten by a werewolf. Being a teenager is hard enough, but now she's craving raw flesh and struggles with uncontrollable anger. If she doesn't figure out a way to stop the transformation, then at the end of summer, her life is worse than over. She'll be a monster.


  • Fantasy lover

    By Octostarr
    Could not put the book down.. I did not want the book to and.
  • Pleased!

    By Miick002
    The author did an amazing job narrating a lot of what was happening. I loved the twists, turns and suspense. I have all the books in the series thank you and I'm looking forward on book 2. Definitely interested to know what happened and where Rylie is. Also, how is she going to live her life like this now.
  • Six moon summer

    By ChyenneLovesyou5
    I think it was an amazing book I love it 😍!!!!!
  • Outstanding'

    By BabyViccy💓
    This book was amazing. It was a lot of fun to read and had me hooked to the storyline. I know for sure I'm going to enjoy the next one. Keep up the good work 💕.
  • OMG

    By Seseturner
    Ok first off I want to say if I could rate this series a million and more stars I would. These are the best books I have ever read. I love how the author put Rylie in the position she was in. How her parents were getting divorced so she had to go to camp silver brook, and the boy she meets is really a whearwolf hunter. How the consoler that she hates is a whearwolf trying to start the whearwolf population back up... and so on so forth. I love how Rylie and Seth fall in love I felt like they are a perfect couple. They only thing I didn't like is how Abel didn't like Rylie at first even after her Seth and Abel got rid of Elinore, but eventually their connection between them is great. These books are amazing. I have all ready started on the "Cain Chronicles" and they are getting really good to. I am fifteen and love Sci-fi. So if your anything like me you will love these books. Sorry for the little spoiler but I had to get my point across. All four books are free. Good luck and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
  • Meh

    By Icebear1320
    It sucked is could have been so much more interesting . Great way to waste your time
  • Six moon summer

    By Roc am
    I loved this book didn't even realize it was a young adult book. Well written loved all the characters.
  • Amazing!!!

    By Lime Green Hawaiian Bunnie
    From the first chapter I was hooked I loved it...never expected Seth & Jericho to be who they turned out to be. Best book I've ever read
  • Interesting book

    By Super41
    I can't wait to read the second part to Six Moon Summer!!

    By Ashlee I.
    Th ending of this book goes against everything these first series is about. Seth and Rylie's love isn't even pursued until the end. There's another series that goes with this series that switches everything up. Don't read if you believe in that two people should be together until the end if it's really love. Don't invest yourself in a relationship that won't last. Don't want to do any spoilers but I'm completely disappointed in this story's ending.