The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life

By Rick Warren

  • Release Date: 2012-10-23
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 3.5
From 479 Ratings


This book has transformed millions of lives. Are you ready for a change?

Since its release, The Purpose Driven Life has been translated into eighty-five different languages and has become the “Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history” according to Publisher’s Weekly, all because of the Christ-centered approach the book takes to answering life’s most fundamental question: What on earth am I here for?

This new hardcover edition is reimagined for a new generation, with four new features including:
Video introductions by Rick Warren to chapters 1-42 An audio lesson at the end of each chapter, with more than thirty additional hours of teaching by Rick Warren Two new bonus chapters on the most common barriers to living a purpose-driven life Access to an online community where you can discuss your journey to purpose, get feedback, and receive support
On your journey you’ll find the answers to three of life’s most important questions: The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?, The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?, The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for?

Living out the purpose you were created for moves you beyond mere survival and success to a life of significance—the life you were meant to live.


  • Such a blessing

    By TomFl79
    Rick Warren really wrote a wonder book that not only helps but is Christ centered. This book has changed my life and gave me what I needed to live for God. I have a purpose while on this earth with more faith than ever before.
  • Life Changing

    By kikachka
    Easy to read and digest, a must read for Christ followers.
  • Thank you, Rick Warren, for helping to start a revival in my life!

    By Miss Sasquachita
    From the beginning of reading, "The Purpose Driven Life," I have felt a glorious peace fill my spirit. It was as if my spirit was dry and withered and the words that Rick wrote poured God's life-giving water over me until I was quenched and alive once more. Thank you, Rick, for writing God's truths in ways that almost seemed brand-new to me, reminding me in fresh new ways of God's wisdom and grace for me. I am so grateful to have finally submerged myself into this life-changing book and am eager to adopt as many principles as I am able into my life. As well as continue on my journey of living my life to please God. Thank you for providing personal support and continued teachings for us to follow.
  • Excellent book

    By Left handed girl
    This book is a call to Christian living that makes your purpose on earth very clear. I was moved by this to be more Christ focused and stop living a selfish life. This was the best study I have ever done.
  • Difficult

    By Hawktale
    I am interested in expanding my discovery of God. But so far I've found this book difficult to grasp. It's a bit off putting and if you value humility and an open mind I'm not sure this is the right book for you.
  • good!!

    By lise 米
    I like read !
  • Changed my life

    By JodieAnne
    This book has given me a second chance at life. It has helped me focus on what's really important during this short time on Earth. It has made my life brighter, easier and more useful. I'm not going to question how it works, all I know that it works. Thank you God for giving Rick these words to share with people, such as myself, who were always looking to fill the void.
  • Best book

    By JRZ20
    Aside from the bible, this book is the best! It's not telling you how to live your life but how you should live, it helps to see your place in this world, you have to be willing to change or do different things you're not used to doing but it's all part of life and what we're supposed to do while living here
  • Amazing book, you should read it

    By Pissini
    That's one of the best books I ever read. Very practical, lots of great insights and very biblical. People are often disconnected from everything in their lives, and this book goes straight to the point: we lack a purpose and only God can fulfill the gap.
  • :(

    By Gemzi
    I felt this book was too condescending.