Codex: Chaos Space Marines (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop

Codex: Chaos Space Marines (Enhanced Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2012-10-06
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
Score: 3.5
From 83 Ratings


Codex: Chaos Space Marines is your guide to the forces of the Chaos Space Marines, hate-fuelled killers who have sworn to destroy the Imperium they once helped to build. This volume details the tragic history and arcane wargear of the Chaos Space Marines, and provides full rules for fielding an army of these corrupted warriors in the Warhammer 40,000 game. This digital Codex includes interactive miniatures galleries, lavish full colour artwork throughout, and a comprehensive army list covering all the servants of the Dark Gods.


  • the book is not downloading for some reason

    By erickim0207
    after a popup about no space in memory, it doesn't download.... i took care of that memory problem but it's still not downloading........ can you take care of that problem? then I'll give ya five stars
  • save your dollars they will just make you buy another one.

    By The Brian (m merch)
    As a person who retails Games Workshop products, this is yet another staple of proof that we do not care about our customers, do not read the reviews and try to rectify ourselves, only care about money and people with it, and worst off, have made a mockery of small business people like me who have faithfully played this game for years.
  • Would be nice....

    By fasteddiexx1
    I love the interactive content. Would be nice if they were consistent in interactive content from book to book. Meaning if your going to include a collection list tool then why not update the existing codices with it too?... Yeah figured no one is listening to the consumer...
  • Better than print

    By Eavygear
    I love what GW has done with the digital books for the game. They are easy to use and are easy to reference. The links are good. I wish the price was a little lower than the printed version, but to be honest you're replacing the printing costs with programming costs. They did a great job of truely making this interactive. I'll be buying all future rulebooks digitally for sure. For the haters, if you don't like the price go buy something else, but I'm so sick of the crying. Prices increase all the time in products all over the country. Compare the price of anything from 2000 to today, and it will be cheaper.
  • Great Format

    I'm happy with the new digital codex. Stays updated with FAQs and errata. Very quick and convenient to look info up. I'm also really happy with the form factor because I just need my iPad and do not have to carry multiple codices when playing Apocalypse games.
  • More Than Just a Book

    By bhsinclair63
    I now own four of the GW army iBooks. They have done a great job on these. It is simple to find the information you are looking for. Navigation between unit listing and stat summaries is done with one touch. Special rules and weapon stats are the set up the same way. This is much better than flipping through a book to find a rule.
  • Pricey for electronic book

    By Chiefarmorer
    Codex is great. The extras are all availble online. GW needs to think about a discounting scheme. You can pick up the codex @ 25% off with free shipping online, or pay more for the electronic codex. I like the idea of having less paper in my house, but don't think it is worth $12.50 to do so.
  • Poor replacement for the book

    By Tywrap
    The codex csm for the iPad is slow, difficult to navigate, and not user friendly under pressure. 3 people in a gaming group of 4 have the codex and all after 5 minutes of using the iBook went back to the actual book to reference. Buy the real book and save your money. It is cool but not functional in even a friendly game as it takes to long to navigate. Also the price is poor for what you get.
  • Great book

    By Deanna Eaton
    Its cool.
  • Great Product, update not working properly

    By Jon Bunn
    Love the layout and the performance. One issue - the recent update did not seem to include the FAQ/Errata changes. I have deleted and reinstalled the book but have not seen a difference.