1984 - George Orwell


By George Orwell

  • Release Date: 2017-04-04
  • Genre: Classics
Score: 4.5
From 1,021 Ratings


With extraordinary relevance and renewed popularity, George Orwell’s 1984 takes on new life in this hardcover edition.

“Orwell saw, to his credit, that the act of falsifying reality is only secondarily a way of changing perceptions. It is, above all, a way of asserting power.”—The New Yorker
In 1984, London is a grim city in the totalitarian state of Oceania where Big Brother is always watching you and the Thought Police can practically read your mind. Winston Smith is a man in grave danger for the simple reason that his memory still functions. Drawn into a forbidden love affair, Winston finds the courage to join a secret revolutionary organization called The Brotherhood, dedicated to the destruction of the Party. Together with his beloved Julia, he hazards his life in a deadly match against the powers that be.

Lionel Trilling said of Orwell’s masterpiece “1984 is a profound, terrifying, and wholly fascinating book. It is a fantasy of the political future, and like any such fantasy, serves its author as a magnifying device for an examination of the present.” Though the year 1984 now exists in the past, Orwell’s novel remains an urgent call for the individual willing to speak truth to power.


  • Surprised Me

    By A Fellow Grace Non Fan
    As an eighth grader, a teacher made me read this. I really didn't want to read it at all when I started but at the end of the book, I realized I had quite actually enjoyed the book. It really made me think and the book reminded me of North Korea and even America. It was scary to see how this book relates to the real world. Also, the beginning was a bit confusing to me with the title and setting being 1984, but then I realized the publishing date was 1949. I concluded that it was a futuristic book. The book has a somewhat interesting storyline but it has good psychology and thoughts. The ending of the book was bad though and I felt like it was too plain and bland. I definitely expected a more surprising and exciting ending. There's a part I found really boring where Winston read Goldenstein's book. I'm glad I read this book, but as an eighth grader, I feel like I didn't understand the book in it's fullest context. I plan on rereading it when I'm older and comparing my opinions about the book. Overall, great book, with few boring parts, and parts that really made me think about life. I would recommend it to some, who have the patience to read through this book and a more futuristic dystopian type. There were a few parts that were kind of unnecessary and more like fillers. Anyways, I rate it 4/5.
  • Never more relevant.

    By TristansHaze
    The more I watch the actions of the trump administration, the more I fear that this is our future. Please read this book and realize that if we ever support him this WILL be our future. Orwell might as well have been Nostradamus.
  • good story

    By The only xy
    the story seems to say the situation in China
  • Incredible

    By Allthenicknamesaretaken12365
    If you want to have your mind blown, read this book.
  • Mental Constipation With a Side of Depression

    By ProGamer41
    How could I explain this book? Well... To start off it was severely depressing. Our hero, Winston Smith is turned from a human (free thinker) to a robotic commie. In the way he is transformed is so depressing I cannot explain. George Orwell really killed the whole idea of "Socialism is the annihilation of dreams" about half way through the book. More than halfway and you've reached the point where he bombs the living crap out of this poor bastard of a topic by mutilating Winston and making him think just like the arrogant condescending people of "the party". In some ways, his idea could have been easily put into a short story, and it would have been brilliant. Instead, he dragged the whole thing out onto a huge story. It's kind of like taking a small picture and expanding it, only to find out that the details become blurry and the picture is unidentifiable. I was mighty bored of this book by about page 300. The only thing which saves this book is George Orwell's wonderful description and vocabulary which paints the picture ever so brilliantly and painfully in my mind. His use of common conspiracy is wonderful. It is one of those ideas of controversy which invites me to write a story about corruption which has happened in the 21st century (and trust me, there's plenty of it). Overall I wish the book was shortened a lot more, that way the message could get across a lot more easier without it being drowned out by the depression that bleeds onto the story so much.
  • Hmm.

    By Socioty of the evening star
    I have never been so scared of a book in my life. It was so convincing. I genuinely started to believe in big brother. WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH
  • A Warning

    By Dwardeng
    Orwell wrote this right after WW2 when the Cold War began. Totalitarianism comes in many forms and can disable humanism and free thought. 1984 is a concept which unfortunately rings true. One only has to study human history and current events to see that it is indeed real and all around us.
  • Im confused

    By Paul the three eyed monkey
    Why is this book so much longer and expensive than another book that seems to be the same but is smaller and cheaper?
  • Amazing

    By Wee65
    One of the best if not the best book I've ever read
  • Life changing

    By King$u$
    Truly one of the greatest stories every written