Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë & F.H. Townsend

Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Brontë & F.H. Townsend

  • Release Date: 2011-01-06
  • Genre: Classics
Score: 4.5
From 1,297 Ratings


In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë creates one of the greatest literary heroines of all time. Orphaned as a girl and raised by an abusive aunt, Jane grows into a woman with a deep sense of morality and the courage to resist injustice. As Brontë's novel follows her path to adulthood, Jane struggles with poverty, the restraints of social conventions, and a forbidden romance with her employer Mr. Rochester. Brontë dives into a subject matter darker and more serious than many of her contemporaries, including mental and physical abuse, financial ruin, insanity, and loveless marriages. Yet through it all, Jane remains steadfast, clinging to a morality defined by her character rather than society's mores.


  • Amazing!

    By Cup100
    Wow, never have I been so into a book as I have been with Jane Eyre. Bronte was an amazing author, as she has written this story with such amazing character development and detail. Never will I forget such a book as Jane Eyre. I, being a guy and thinking this book was for girls, was a mistake of mine. I recommend this book to everyone. Can't wait to see the movie!
  • Enjoyed every word!

    By Aruba Love
    Jane Eyre wasn't a required read in high school and I am so glad. I didn't have the love of reading then that I do now and I wouldn't have been able to fully comprehend the masterpiece it is. I adore this book! The characters, the love story, the loss, the gain...I enjoyed reading every word in this book. Its a heart warming, brilliant read! I'll read this one again and again.
  • BORING!!!!!!

    By AWESOME😉😉😉
    This book just lacks a hook for a young reader
  • a wonderful read

    By anonymous5802
    fantastic. one of my all-time favorite books.
  • Jane Eyre

    By Jennifer M Uzzo
    Wonderful classic read!!!! Would recommend to advanced readers of any age
  • Slow in the beginning but continues to get better through the rest of the book

    By AgentofChaos007
    Slow in the beginning but continues to get better through the rest of the book
  • Jane Eyre

    By Lucy2Burt
    Well written, although some words are no longer a part of our language, very easy to figure out the meaning. A book I enjoyed as a teen and now as a senior citizen.
  • Jane Eyre

    By GlitzandGlamber
    Oh how I adored and enjoyed this book! I cannot put it into words that do it justice! Absolutely beautiful - my favorite romance of all time! I highly recommend reading it! Could not have been better. I only wish the author had written more books. Exquisite - an absolute delight and treasure and treat! :)
  • Jane Eyre

    By Michele522
    Kept me interested. It amazed me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This could have been a romance in our time. It was a few of godliness from the perspective of a sanguine.
  • Pretty good

    By Anonymous Music Lover26
    The writing is great, but I found the ending disappointing and cut short. If you don't like classic books you probably won't like this. I found it enjoyable, and watching Jane go from SPOILERS!!! having nothing to being married and rich is inspirational. Something that kind of ruined the book for me was my dislike of Mr. Rochester. I couldn't understand why Jane loved him, as she constantly was saying that he was ugly and old. She was only 19 when she married a guy 20 years older than her? That's kind of creepy to me, but I guess that was common in those times, and she did love him and that means appearance doesn't matter. I loved the descriptions of the beautiful manors and setting. This is a book you should definitely read.