The Christian Atheist - Craig Groeschel

The Christian Atheist

By Craig Groeschel

  • Release Date: 2010-04-06
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4.5
From 91 Ratings


Growing up, all my friends would have described my family as a Christian family. I assumed all my friends were Christians as well. We all believed in God. We occasionally attended church. We were good people. Even though we believed in God, we didn’t know his word, didn’t understand the gospel, and didn’t pursue his will. We believed in God, but we lived as if he didn’t exist.After pastoring for eighteen years, I’ve noticed a large percentage of people in my church living similar lives. Some seem to be Christian in name only without a lot of visible spiritual fruit. Others boldly claim Christ is Lord while living lives diametrically opposed to the teachings in scripture.The more I looked, the more I found Christian Atheists everywhere. While it is often easy to spot the hypocrisy in others, it is generally more difficult to see in the mirror. One day in an honest moment, I painfully admitted that although I unquestionably believed in God, I was leading the church as if he didn’t exist. I wrongly depended more on my own abilities than on his Spirit. Sadly, I dangerously cared more what people thought about me than what God thought about me. And although I preached about putting your whole faith in God, I still lived as if everything was up to me.The book Christian Atheism reflects my personal journey toward a more authentic God-honoring life.


  • Simple Read. Powerful Message.

    By jeremy6922
    When I told my mother-in-law what the title of this book was that I was reading, she seemed puzzled. Why? Because, as she said it, "the title seems like an oxymoron." She is right, and I think that is what Groeschel intended. It is a piece about people who claim Christianity yet lead a life that is opposite of that claim. In my opinion, one of the best thing I take from this book is it reads like a conversation -- one characterized by authenticity and transparency. Groeschel makes no qualms about the fact he has struggled and continues to do so at time with each of the issues presented in the various chapters. Until those who claim Christianity make it a point to live a live completely devoted to Christ -- and be willing to make the hard sacrifices -- we will continue to have a relationship with God that is more like an atheist than a true, born-again Christian.
  • Please read this book!

    By Wolferdafunkdonut
    I lack the words to express how amazing this book is. If you want to connect better with God read this book!!!! I pray you read it.
  • Amazing!!

    By Jacobester
    This book will challenge your walk with The Lord like no other. Talk about a wake up call to start walking day in and day out with Jesus. I truly enjoyed this book and had to purposely put it down to think and chew over Groschel's dialogue. It's worth the money, buy it today and I hope it makes you reflect as much as it did for me.
  • ExtraIncredulordinary

    By RevMattLong
    It deserved a new word it was so good!
  • Eye Opener and Lifestyle Changer

    By Rej2004
    This book was both refreshing and invigorating! The book caused me to take numerous self exams and make changes that glorify God. I often refer to this book when teaching others and it's always received well. God bless Craig Groeschel!
  • Great book

    By 207Apostolic
    Definitely an eye opener. Caused me to do soul searching so that I could live out what I believed.