Common Sense - Thomas Paine

Common Sense

By Thomas Paine

  • Release Date: 1776-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 4
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Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775 – 76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence.


  • Common Sense

    By Knight of the Air
    I can see why this pamphlet was so well received. The reasons for independence were spelled out so clearly and concisely. You couldn't help but take a side for independence.
  • Must;

    By :) .....finer futures
  • Writing style

    By Kbrprs
    I have notice his sentence structure is very rough. I could definitely tell he was using this book to rant his complaints of the ruling government, rather that making it a philosophical or novel like. This book is extremely difficult to digest.
  • Great

    By Jucia21
    A great work that should be required reading in all American History classes!
  • Like it!

    By EhSkyBlue
    I kind if like this so uh... Ket it up
  • Freedom

    By Dinkerspiel
    What a visionary. Truly one of America's first patriots. However the thing I found interesting was Paine's use of religion, the Bible in particular, to make so many of his strongest arguments for independence. Especially after i read his later writing, The Age of Reasoning, in which he went to great lengths to belittle the bible, koran and all other books of "revelation" as mostly fodder.
  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine

    By David Jackman
    An essential literature to the American Revolutionary War, Common Sense is a great read for American history junkies. The writings were meant to persuade the Colonists that independence from Britain was more desirable than reconciliation. With this in mind, it's important to note while reading Common Sense that there is a bias, and as such the arguments for remaining under the rule of Britain are not well-represented. Similar to present-day editorials, counter arguments are sometimes dismissed without due analysis. That being said, Common Sense was an immensely popular and influential pamphlet in its time, and provides a unique look into the mindset of Americans on the onset of their fight for independence.
  • American Patriot

    By drewhunt21
    Without Paine America would never had sought indepndance and only self rule within the English empire. It may be kinda boring but without this writing, American's would only have remainened rebels in a civil war and would have never turned into revolutionaries. This was a radical book for its time and deserves respect for what it accomplished.

    By Marlyn T.
    Common Sense is a timeless classic with applications that are still applicable today. Thomas Paine was definitely a man ahead of his time. His arguments are logical, concise, and easy to follow.
  • Before you decide not to read this book READ THIS

    By R.L.E
    This book was written before the revolutionary war speaking to early Puritan and Anglican settlers that colonist should stand up against the mother country and become an independent nation. Without leaders like Paine America would still be controlled by Great Britain. So all the other ignorant people giving this book horrible reviews due your research before you open your mouth, and criticize revolutionary authors like Paine that can be compared to that of transcendentalist authors of the lost generation like Sigmund Freud. If I a 15 year old girl can see this book for it's groundbreaking impact on society then and what it has done for America now then all others should see it as well and give it a chance.