Bruges - A Travel Guide of Art and History - Maxime Jensens

Bruges - A Travel Guide of Art and History

By Maxime Jensens

  • Release Date: 2017-06-04
  • Genre: Europe


The historic architecture, art, canals and religious buildings of Bruges are treasures to behold, stocked with awe-inspiring significance.
Tragically, many travel guides simply brush over these beautiful creations as mere items to check off a list during sightseeing in what is the very heart of Flemish culture. 
By contrast, Bruges - A Travel Guide of Art and History is designed for tourists who want to achieve in-depth understanding during their perusals. The city's wondrous achievements in painting, sculpture and design are given the detail and coverage they deserve in this companion guide. Rich yet accessible descriptions of the most significant works, guidance through the hidden gems and walks between gorgeous old buildings and canal bridges of the old town districts, abound. Resultingly, the reader is spurred to both sublime enjoyment and comprehension. 
This book is designed as a companion to a more general city guide, to be read as you tour and take in the many breathtaking works of art and ancient designs which comprise old Bruges. It is these wonders that the city of Bruges, replete with its signature canals and waterways, is far from short of. The Old St. Johns Hospital and the Groeningemuseum are among the cultural attractions covered, with artworks within both detailed. 
In reading this book composed by lecturer of art and heritage architecture Maxime Jensens, you will imbue your journey with enlightenment. The conclusion to your trip will be imbued not simply with happy memories of having seen and sampled the superb Flemish culture, cuisine and fine hospitality - but a vivid, intense and significant understanding of how inseparable Bruges' art and architecture are from its very fabric of being.