A Tale of Two Witches - Robyn Peterman

A Tale of Two Witches

By Robyn Peterman

  • Release Date: 2017-06-19
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 7 Ratings


Three waxed cats, one Cookie Witch, a brazilian gone bad and the last name, Bermangoggleshitz… not the best ingredients for a successful spell. Or is it?

Avoiding the truth has been working out just fine for most of my life. 

I’m finally happy. I have friends and a kangaroo shifter who adores me. Never in my twenty-nine witchy years did I think I would have a place to call home with people who truly cared. 

Now my BFF, Zelda, wants to have a chat. Can’t crappy news wait? 

As soon as my varnished Virginia is mobile, I want to go home to my adorable little house I share with with the love of my life and my four semi-violent, adopted, gum-smacking chipmunk shifter sons.

But, noooooooo…

Instead of enjoying a bouncy romp of nookie with my marsupial man whose last name I should really find out, I have to deal with an odiferous, butt-ugly, dead-beat, evil warlock of a dad named Bermangoggleshitz—the very same douchecanoe that tried to kill my rodent children.

Not to mention, said sperm donor has called up a Legion of demons from the Underworld. Fanfreakintastic.

So armed with my questionable intellect, a shaky handle on the French language and a penchant for blowing up buildings, I’m gonna grab this problem by the nuts and squeeze—like a brazilian times…whoops, bazillion. That French gets me every time.

I will have my happily ever after no matter what or my name’s not Sassy Louise…umm… Bermangoggleshitz.


  • Sassy gets her day!

    By NancyW74
    From the beginning of this series, Sassy has been the sidekick to Zelda, and now she gets her chance to shine and find out who she really is. Her antics give pause to the entire town, but Zelda believes in her, and so does Jeeves. Will they be able to save their beloved town? Will Roger weewee all over everyone? What is Jeeves last name, and can Sassy deal with it as her own? Provided of course one of them proposes some day… Danger is coming straight at their community, Sassy’s Virginia has a heartbeat, and Cookie Witch has moved in. What is going on with Bermangoggleshitz, and who brought demons to the party? A fast paced read, and very entertaining. While Sassy attempts to mature and not be so self-centered, she finds a depth of caring for others that allows her to see past the bad, and give second chances. The characters are introduced in the first books of the series, and I recommend reading in order. However, this is still a laugh-out-loud read in its own right.
  • Witches, Shifters and a Varnished Virginia

    By Wca219
    Mrs. Peterman has knocked it out of the park with this one. Witches, Shifters, Demons and three bald cats, A Tale of Two Witches is a laugh a minute.
  • Humor at its finest!

    By fcheavenly
    Zelda and Sassy have paid their penance for their misdeeds and now need to find their niche in the world. Zelda's story has been told, and now it's Sassy's turn to find her true self so that both of them together can function as a unit, as dysfunctional as that may seem. This tale had me wavering between gut wrenching humor to heart warming tears! Let us not fail to mention the mighty feline trio or the endearing geriatric kids! This brand of humor is one of a kind and highly addictive and you should not partake of this book while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. May cause fits of uncontrollable laughter and vision impairment from tears of joy. The stars have been rated, the read has been branded as a must read, now it's up to you to partake safely! This voluntary review is based against an advance copy.
  • Another winner for this series

    By Snoopyvet
    Just when I wondered how she could top the last book in this series I read this one and realized she could by leaps and bounds. I loved Sassy and Jeeves and was thrilled they got their own story and boy was it a wonderful read. If you are a fan of this series you are in for a thrill.