12 DIY Slime Recipes - Belinda Gibbons

12 DIY Slime Recipes

By Belinda Gibbons

  • Release Date: 2017-04-26
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


Do your kids like slime? If your kids like slime as much as my kids like slime then you will have to learn how to make it at home. It is fun to make. It’s super easy and just nice to know how to create slime in your very own home.
I would recommend starting yourself a little recipe book for “Craft Recipes” like these that you can quickly look up when you need to make a fresh batch. You can turn it into a craft or even a project. It is a great child or adult’s chemistry project.
I have heard of people making slime and packaging it nicely then selling it for a profit. It’s low cost to make. Many people sell volume. You can make many assorted colors or try funky ones like glow in the dark, glitter etc. These recipes in my opinion are better than the store-bought ones. You will feel the difference and they last longer. They’re softer you can make a lot more for money.
So, let’s snap on our creative mind and try to make a large assortment of colors and maybe go for the gusto and create a rainbow in a mixture after all you’re the creator. The sky is the limit for colors you can create!
Slime is one of those products that are fun and people seem to gravitate towards fun products d whip out their money. Not only are they fun be they can support the craft movement.
To get even more sales if you kick in so much of each sale towards your child’s school, church etc it will make people want to buy yours over other peoples because you support local causes and if they buy from you so do they.
The colors are also pleasing to the customer’s eyes. Everybody seems to want to buy a child something at craft sales form mother’s grandmas, aunts and uncles to dads. Right now, slime is very trendy so the children do gravitate to slime tables because of the color and texture. They pick up a slime nine times out of 10 and want it. And nine times out of ten they get what they want!
So let’s get making some slime. Slimes now come in a large variety as in snow, glitter, slime generic, rainbow, sand, glow-in-the-dark. It’s sloppy slimy and its fun for everyone it’s cool science and it’s a good playtime craft in the kitchen. Go ahead get your hands a little wet and get out your borax, glitter, glue, food coloring, and get ready to make many kinds of slime.
When children are done playing with slime it’s a good idea to have them wash their hands. The slime is non-toxic but you still don’t want to chance it. These ingredients are all done without preservatives so they do go bad quickly.
I have other videos on how to make Play-doh and it’s a definite must try. It will it save you money plus it’s quick and easy and you always have fresh play-doh on hand.


  • I feel like this could have been much better.

    By My3Ms
    This is the only e-book I was able to find with slime recipes so I decided to try it. There are a few recipes that are clearly written, but most others do not list quantities of ingredients. There are also numerous grammatical and typographical errors in this book. I'm not angry that I spent 99 cents, but wanted to let others know what they are getting for their money.