Preview Behind the Curtain - Mark Fahey

Preview Behind the Curtain

By Mark Fahey

  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Genre: Social Science


“This unprecedented project is a multimedia e-book containing audio, video, photographs and even interactive annotated panorama views has lifted the curtain on North Korea's propaganda machine, surreptitiously documenting the country's strange everyday life, which is shaped by the regime's indoctrination efforts.” - Mashable

North Korea prevents its citizens from accessing any form of independent media. Any citizen who attempts to access foreign broadcasts to seek information from the outside world risks being interned in one of the state’s notorious prison camps. The very few visitors to the country are strictly forbidden to bring into North Korea radios or other communications equipment. As a result, little independent and objective information about the propaganda based mass-media of the country has been gathered or published. Over successive trips into each province of the country, Behind the Curtain has undertaken monitoring, recording and analysis of the propaganda and broadcast media used by the North Korean regime as a prime instrument of control over the population.

Behind the Curtain offers a immersive experience of interactive diagrams, photos, audio and video. The project when completed will be divided into a series of large downloadable volumes. ​Our first release, this Preview Volume allows select content from the project to be sampled in one single download.