Summary & Study Guide - The Gene: An Intimate History - Lee Tang

Summary & Study Guide - The Gene: An Intimate History

By Lee Tang

  • Release Date: 2017-01-30
  • Genre: Medical


This guide is an UNOFFICIAL summary  and study guide to  "The Gene: An Intimate History,”  by Siddhartha Mukherjee. which chronicles the fascinating history of discovery in classical genetics, molecular genetics,  genetic engineering, and the human genome project. It shows (1) how our genes and the environment define our identities and personalities; (2) how genetic engineering technologies can be used to manufacture drugs safely; and (3) how genetic diagnosis and gene therapies can be used to treat complex genetic diseases.

Why Does Genetics Matter for You?

Did you know?

* What makes you unique
* Why some diseases run in your family
* Why you look like other members of your family
* Around nine in ten diseases arise because of genetic defects
* What is the Human Genome Project and why is it important
* What are transgenic animals
* What is stem-cell technology and why are they important
* How do biotech companies manufacture human hormones
* 85-90 percent of genetic diversity occurs within races and only 7 percent between racial groups
* Homosexuality may be genetic
* Mental illnesses may be hereditary
* Human behavior and intelligent are influenced by your genes

Genetics is at the frontiers of science today, and its impact is often misunderstood. The public is often misled by science fictions and remains largely in the dark as to the actual consequences of advances in the biotechnology and genetic engineering industries. Studying genetics can help you understand the economic, social, and ethical implications of these technologies.

Genetics can also help you understand your own health. Residing in your body, genes carry instructions to make all the proteins it needs to grow and survive. Defective genes can produce dysfunctional proteins that cause illnesses. By studying each of these genes, scientists can diagnose, treat, prevent and cure diseases caused by bad genes.

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand and practice the ideas described in the book. It includes:

* A compact summary of the original book. The summary will help you understand the key ideas and recommendations. It helps you master the concept while offering a rapid refresher when you need it most. Use it to keep the topic relevant and in front of you for times you fall off track. It’ll save you precious time rereading the book to reabsorb, remember and re-categorize. We did the work for you; and

* Online Videos. These are extra learning materials such as on-demand replay of public lectures, and seminars. They help reinforce your understanding of the ideas and make them easier to put to practice.

This study guide is more than a book summary: use it as a supplement to the book to make the ideas easier to understand and put to practice.

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