Remains of Urth: The Arena (Book 1) - Jennifer Martucci & Christopher Martucci

Remains of Urth: The Arena (Book 1)

By Jennifer Martucci & Christopher Martucci

  • Release Date: 2016-12-07
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4.5
From 43 Ratings


The world has changed from what it once was. A dark new species rules the planet. Humankind is endangered. I spent all of my seventeen years deep in the forest in a hidden village with other humans, safe from the savage creatures that inherited Urth. But one day, all of that changed. Our village was found. We were discovered. My people were slaughtered. None were spared, except the young. Taken and forced into a life of slavery, we’ve been thrust into a civilization where one rule applies: kill or be killed. It is the only way to survive. As a result, I worry I’m lost, that I’ve strayed so far from what characterizes me as human I wonder some days whether I am any better than the creatures who enslave me. Then the love I feel for my siblings reminds me. The constant fear for their safety that drums in time with my heartbeat. The realization that I hate what has been done to them, to me. I vow to avenge what’s happened, to free us. Or die trying.
I am Lucas. This is what life is for humans on the remains of planet Urth. 


  • Remains of Urth

    By MikronMike
    Wow. Vivid descriptive tale that I just could not put down. I especially enjoy the contrast of the hideously disgusting and evil Urthers and the goodness of the ragtag Humans. Kudos to the writing team for a great mix of "Sweet and Sour"! MRH
  • Magnificent 👌 Perfect👌 Made me love reading again

    By Cris Tinashe
    Wow this is a really great book. Kept me on my toes the whole time. This is truly wonderful. This deserves to be a paid book.
  • Amazing

    By @Jaleno_
    I love your work. Shout me out on MySpace
  • Great

    By Lacffzx
    Great book