Finding Our Forever - Brenda Novak

Finding Our Forever

By Brenda Novak

  • Release Date: 2017-04-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 25 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak welcomes readers to the town of Silver Springs, where surprises wait around every corner! 

The search for her birth mother brought Cora Kelly to the New Horizons Boys Ranch. Getting a job there was easy enough, but confiding in Aiyana, the ranch's owner, that she's really her daughter? Cora's not sure she can do that, not unless she's confident the news will be welcomed. And once she gets to know Elijah Turner—Aiyana's adopted son and ranch manager—that decision becomes even more difficult. 

Although Elijah can't deny his deep attraction to Cora, he's always struggled with trust. Anyone with his past would, and there's something about the ranch's newest employee that isn't exactly as it seems. But if the feelings she awakes in his guarded heart are any indication, she might be just what he's long been waiting for.


  • Forever found

    By Craftychic@34202
    Cora Kelley, adopted at birth, has sought her birth mother (Aiyana) and with the help of a Private Investigator. She is the founder of the New Horizons Boys Ranch in Silver Springs where she is accepts a 1 year contract as an art teacher. She has not told her adopted parents but finds they know from the revenge of her ex-boyfriend. She was hoping to get a closer look at her mother but she didn’t expect to fall in love with her adopted son Eli Turner (who along with other boys were adopted as a result of the school). Eli has his own issues of trust and deceit to overcome, but their physical attraction grows to love, and Eli wants an HEA if he can convince her to stay. Cora confides in Eli, then Aiyana who also kept Cora a secret from her family. I hope Brenda continues with other stories as the brothers find their own HEA.
  • Finding Our Forever

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    First time reading this author. A good writer, a good story. Not a typical romance . I think anyone would enjoy this story.
  • Couldn't put it down

    By Monkeysuee
    I was just recently introduced to Brenda Novak's books and I usually read suspense. I am not into romance....or should I now say I was not. Lol. Brenda has me reading romance!!! Say what?!?!? Love her books and I absolutely love how engaged she is with her Fans. She has a wonderful book club on Facebook and I feel at home there like I'm with family. Everyone is so kind and generous. (((Hugs))) from Michigan
  • Heartwarming!

    By TiffCutshall
    This was such a wonderful read. I loved everything about it. The core story, the heartbreak, the love, all of it! A wonderful start to a new series!
  • Finding Our Forever by Brenda Novak - OUTSTANDING!

    By monikarp
    This is Book 1 of 4 (all to be released in 2017) in the newest series called SILVER SPRINGS. A fabulous book which will have you wanting it to continue forever.
  • Brenda Novak's Finding Our Forever

    By Carol M Smith
    Welcome to Silver Springs, California area. We will be visiting the New Horizons Boys Ranch. This is a boarding school for troubled teens. It was founded by Aiyana Turner who works with her staff to help heal these troubled teen boys. She has even adopted eight of these boys. Cora Kelly applied to teach art at New Horizons. She was interviewed and hired by Elijah, the oldest of Aiyana's adopted sons. All is well but Cora has a secret.....Aiyana is Cora's biological mother whose identity was discovered with the aide of a private detective. Cora wanted to meet her biological mother and decided to teach as a means to this end. What Cora never expected was the undeniable chemistry that would occurred between Elijah and Cora. How will she reveal her true identity ?? This was an emotional stunning story. The author puts the reader into the feelings of the adopted Cora. You feel as she feels and thinks as she starts on her quest, gets to the Ranch, deals with her parents that raised her, until the final page. The reader get to feel and think the way the parents that raised her feel. You experience what all the characters are feeling. You discover that ALL people and characters have flaws but with trust, love and forgiveness are able to overcome life's circumstances. I volunteered to read this eBook. Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.
  • An Awesome Start to a New Series!!

    By SBart79
    An awesome start to a new series set in the small town of Silver Springs in California. Cora, has begun a new job as an art teacher at a boy's ranch where her birth mother, Aiyana is the owner. She has taken the job only to get to know her birth mother and not to open her heart to Elijah, Aiyanna's adopted son and the ranch manager. Elijah, does not do forever, he is afraid to open his heart to hurt again. Cora is holding out her secret from Elijah and Aiyanna. This is a story full of emotional passion, secrets and turmoil that will keep you turning the pages. Loved every bit of it. Great characters, each with trust issues but deserve their HEA. I can't wait to read more in this series.
  • Welcome to Silver Springs

    By KPMe1
    I didn't think I could fall in love with a series any more than I had Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creek series but I have! With this first installment in the series we are introduced to the town, the school and the people that live there. Cora is a wonderful character, so full of strength, love, conviction and persistence. Her search for her mother lead her to this beautiful area but that's not all she finds. The sparks between her and Elijah hit from the moment they come in contact and never fizzle out. Elijah is so strong, such a good hearted person. He has overcome a truly awful beginning to life to become the very special man that he is. Both of these characters are written so well that you instantly become attached to them, you are rooting them on, sighing in the right places too! Cora could have turned into a whiny, angsty character (and with good reason) but Brenda Novak writes her so well that she never drifts into that area. Elijah could have leaned towards the brutish, angry man but he doesn't go there either. They are both people with a lot of baggage but when they come together they find a way to share that load, not only with each other but with the people around them. They also share their love and hope with those people as well.
  • Warm, sensitive, and thoughtful.

    By Marge_Roberts
    This first novel of a new series touched me in so many ways. It is warm, sensitive, and thoughtful. The many facets of caring about others were portrayed in a heartfelt way. I found this novel to be brilliant. The New Horizons Boys Ranch is just the right place for healing, not only for the troubled teenage boys between the age of 14-18 who board and attend school there, but also for the teachers and administrators of this magnificent place. The relationship between Cora and Eli is fun, witty, and playful, especially in the beginning. As they start trusting each other, their deeply wounded hearts may just start finding a way to mend. I am very much looking forward to the other other books that follow. What a fantastic story!
  • Time flies when you're reading a great book!

    By Cheryl SDS
    This Is book one in the Silver Springs series and it features Cora Kelly and Elijah Turner. This is a story that began long ago with pain and betrayal and has morphed into a story of love and healing. The relationship between Cora and Eli quickly became something I wasn't expecting. And Matt? He was tremendously irritating! The whole situation with Aiyana was more dramatic than I thought it would be and over much too fast. Time flies by rather quickly while reading, which is what happens when you're deeply entrenched in a great story. I wish it lasted longer because I wanted more of Cora and Eli and the drama that surrounds them. I'm very excited to get to know the other characters and extremely curious to watch how the stories unfold in this new series.