Thank You For Holding - Julia Kent & Elisa Reed

Thank You For Holding

By Julia Kent & Elisa Reed

  • Release Date: 2017-03-21
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 9 Ratings


Having it all is a fantasy, right?

Carrie Shelton thought her boyfriend was too good to be true. Her best friend's brother? A guy who loved antiquing? Who cuddled on the couch while watching foodie YouTube clips and talking about artisanal spices? Who helped her accessorize her outfits?



So when he ran off with Kevin, the owner of an antique shop, right before his sister’s wedding, Carrie’s life went from fantasy to nightmare.

As maid of honor, she can’t back out of the wedding. And her ex is the best man - but now he has his own best man.

She needs a date. Stat.

Enter Ryan. Sure, he’s a hot male stripper at the O Spa where she works as junior designer, but he’s a few years younger and just, you know -- a friend. 

Perfect. She needs a friend more than she needs a boyfriend.

A weekend of playing her boyfriend so she can save face is a lot to ask, but for some reason Carrie doesn't understand, Ryan's all in. Enthusiastic, even.

Especially when it comes to physical displays of affection.

Public kisses turn to private confessions, and pretty soon, Carrie can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Because if Ryan's just pretending he's in love with her, then why does the chemistry between them -- and between the sheets -- feel so real?

Carrie can't settle for almost, though. She's already done that. She's not putting her life on hold anymore.

Turns out Ryan won't, either.

He's holding out for more.

Thank You For Holding is a STANDALONE in the On Hold series. You do not need to have read book 1 in the series, but after reading about Carrie and Ryan’s friends-to-lovers adventure, you’ll want to. ;)


  • Eh

    By JJJ 62773473 JJJ
    It was just okay. The plot was somewhat interesting but I think the author needed to develop a stronger voice because although you see some of the characters personalities the book and its characters are somewhat dull.
  • Thank you for this book!

    By Dr. Beth
    Another fantastic book from the duo of Julia Kent and Elisa Reed! I hope they keep writing together. It's a winning my combination! The second book following the "O Spa" staff. This one is based on Carrie, in the admin side, and Ryan, one of the master masseurs. Both highly intelligent, but both also lacking in self esteem. Carrie was unknowingly dating a great friend, Jamey...who was gay. When he came out, it was by phone me and as he was getting on a plane with his new boyfriend. Crushed by this news and the breakup, Carrie now needs a date for her friend, and Jamey's sister, Jenny's wedding. Would smoking-hot Ryan be willing to help her? Ryan had been crushing on Carrie since he met her, but they were best "friends". (Aaarrgh, the friend zone!) Could pretending to be her new boyfriend be the opening he's been looking for to show her how he really feels? This book is definitely a lesson in opening up and being truthful with your friends. Good story and great HEA! So very well written and enjoyable. Just what I would expect from these authors.
  • Hold me

    By 2kasmom
    This is the 2nd book in the On Hold series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this series in order. Ryan has been in love with Carrie, since the first day they worked together. She was dating someone else, so he waited patiently for his chance. Now that it is here - he is afraid she will turn him down. Carrie has been disgusted with her life lately. First, her ex dumps her over the phone. Then, she has to attend her best friends wedding, where her ex will be there with his new man. Can she pretend her way out of this? This book felt a little whiny. I loved the characters. I enjoyed the humor, heat, and pace of the story. I was just very frustrated that the characters let so many things come before the love they supposedly have for one another. Just my opinion. I enjoyed the book overall. ***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.
  • LOVED IT!!

    By Laura__F
    Thank You for Holding is book two in the On Hold series but can definitely be read as a standalone. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I definitely would!! Carrie's life seems pretty perfect. She has a great job, a fantastic boyfriend, and awesome friends. Until her boyfriend breaks up with her over the phone and tells her that he's gay. Carrie is blindsided. Even if the blurb didn't tell you that Jamey leaves Carrie for another man, the clues were there before he came out but Carrie missed all of them. It seems that everyone except Carrie and Jamey's family were aware. After that bombshell, Carrie has to serve as maid of honor at her best friend's, his sister, wedding where Jamey will be the best man, with his new boyfriend as his date. Carrie is lucky to have Ryan, her best friend and coworker at O Spa, to rescue her from this disaster. Ryan has been waiting for his chance with Carrie since they met. He's been her friend for two years and he's ready to take it to the next level and is willing to have a fake relationship for a weekend to prove it. If only they can move from fake to real without ruining their friendship. I loved everything about this story. Carrie and Ryan have amazing chemistry and really are absolutely perfect for each other. Friends to lovers and fake relationships are some of my favorite stories and the combination of the two in this book was outstanding!! This book was hilarious, hot, and sweet. I never wanted the book to end and I am looking forward to the next one! *This is my voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy*
  • Love and Laughafter at its best!!!

    By Cali Jewel
    Such a great late night, have a great escape before bed friends to lovers romance. Funny, entertaining and emotional journey in this awesome world created by these very talented story tellers. Carrie Shelton is smart, funny and slightly blinded when it comes to choosing boyfriends. Ryan is her best friend that is so in love everyone around them sees it except her. Their coworkers, friends and family are all so fun and real I really enjoyed getting to know them. I also loved the Camino appearances made by some of my favorite people in this series. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  • Loved! Loved! Loved It!

    By Melanie Milburn
    Carrie has a pretty perfect life: a job at O Spa she truly enjoys, a boyfriend who's into cuddling and antiquing, and acapella, and a great best friend/work husband, Ryan, who loves to binge watch reality TV and eat pizza with her. It's so perfect, until it's not. The perfect boyfriend cold-heartedly breaks up with her on the phone weeks before his sister's wedding to run off with the man of his dreams. He's the best man and she's the maid of honor. Her friend Ryan comes to her rescue and offers to be her "boyfriend" for the wedding weekend so that she can save her pride and hopefully take away some of the awkward. Ryan is so good at faking it that she begins to wonder if it's for real. It feels real, really sexy and hot, but it can't be, right? Or can it? This is a wonderful friends to lovers story, with funny and well written characters that you love and want to find happiness. Such good feels from this! I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.