Mnemonics Memory Palace Book One and Two - Sjur Midttun

Mnemonics Memory Palace Book One and Two

By Sjur Midttun

  • Release Date: 2016-06-05
  • Genre: Education


"How to Build Mnemonics Memory Palaces" (books one and two) is a no-nonsense, practical guide on how to conceive and build memory palaces, and exactly how to feed them with information that you want to memorize. The book is full of examples, making it easier to understand. In the book you will get the answer to many questions, including the following: What is a memory palace? How do you build your first couple of memory palaces. Unlike other popular books on the subject, like "Moonwalking with Einstein", the book "How to Build a Mnemonic Memory Palace" focuses on practical, hands on advice. Information that will get you started making your own memory palaces from day one. In book two the focus is on deepening the knowledge of the techniques that were outlined in book one, including learning a system for memorizing playing cards.

Memory palaces are an ancient, yet somehow forgotten, method of memorizing all kinds of information. Before the printing press was invented, content was passed on verbally from person to person. And using the Greek tradition of memory palaces, scholars could store vast amounts of information. These techniques have seen an increased interest lately, and many people who have been inspired by memory palaces from TV-series like "Sherlock" or books like "Hannibal", want to find a way to easily get started making memory palaces. "How to Build a Mnemonic Memory Palace" literally takes you by the hand and walks you through the process, step by step.