A Book of Remarkable Criminals - H. B. Irving

A Book of Remarkable Criminals

By H. B. Irving

  • Release Date: 2016-02-09
  • Genre: True Crime


This classic study profiles serial killers, gentleman murderers, and every stripe of madman in between

Benjamin Pitezel should never have trusted H. H. Holmes. In 1894, the two men conspired to fake Pitezel’s death for the sake of a $10,000 insurance settlement. But Holmes decided murder would be simpler. He killed his partner, kidnapped three of his children, and tried to claim the insurance money as his own. The scheme unraveled and Holmes killed the children as well. When he was caught, the police had no idea they had captured one of the vilest murderers in American history. The Pitezel murders were only the tip of a very bloody iceberg.
The chilling case of H. H. Holmes—famously recounted in Erik Larson’s award-winning bestseller, The Devil in the White City—is but one of the true crime tales contained in this remarkable work. Author H. B. Irving understood the public’s lurid fascination with murder, and in this seminal study he shows readers the many faces of evil.

“Notorious.” —The New York Times

Henry Brodribb Irving (1870–1919) was an English actor, author, and lawyer. Born in London, he studied law at Oxford, but rather than pursue a life in court, he took to the stage. For most of his life, he traveled England and Australia, playing a range of roles from Hamlet to Mr. Hyde. After World War I, he retired from the theater and returned to the practice of law. It was during this time that Irving wrote the work for which he is best remembered: A Book of Remarkable Criminals (1918).