Collision (The Fight for Life Series Book 1) - Kate Sterritt

Collision (The Fight for Life Series Book 1)

By Kate Sterritt

  • Release Date: 2015-10-08
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 5
From 13 Ratings


Their lives were destined to collide.

Juliette Salinger lives her life entirely on her mother’s terms. Everything from what she wears to who she dates is determined by what is deemed appropriate for their social standing.

Look a little closer.

Juliette isn’t cut out for that life. She lives for moments of reckless abandon to escape the crushing pressure of never being good enough.

Leo Ashlar appears to live his life entirely on his own terms. He’s a bartending bachelor and undefeated fight club champion.

Look a little closer.

He’s haunted by a tragic past and hides his demons even from those he loves.

When Juliette’s duplicit worlds collide with the handsome and untouchable Leo, both are impacted in ways they couldn’t foresee. Juliette’s life begins to unravel. Can Leo help her build a new one, or will his past be their ultimate demise?


  • 5 wonderful stars

    By Amy Everetts
    5 wonderful stars! Kate is a brilliant author and I'm very much looking forward to reading Impact and her other work! Leo is very intriguing! I also loved Jules! The character development was right on point! Kudos Kate!
  • 5 OMG This Books Is So Freakin Good Stars!

    By TLE76
    This is my first book by Kate and I absolutely loved it! Very well written indeed! The story line and character development are on point and not just the two main characters ALL of them! One thing I love about this book is that it made me feel so many different emotions. The main characters are from two different worlds battling demons of their own but together they are amazing. They are destined to be together that much is clear. I simply can't wait to read book two! LOVED IT!
  • Amazing Story!

    By stampingkaren
    "I revelled in the inevitability of my own demise. Some might call that selfish, cowardly and inconsiderate, but I could live with that." Juliette and Leo - two souls destine to meet and destine to heal each other. Juliette is a beautiful shell walking around. She is appears to be the perfect poised character of what her piece of society expects of her. Leo is an illegal street fighter. Unforgiving, punishing, powerful and everything she longs to be. They meet as part of Juliette's need to be reckless. What they find is that they are destine to be with one another. I loved both characters. They were strong where they needed to be and showed a vulnerable side at the same time. I felt this book was more Juliette's story. Her breaking away from expectations and what she 'should be' to what she wants. Leo - whoa! Every girl wants a man who will go to the ends of earth to make sure you are safe, happy and satisfied. This was a first time read for Ms. Sterritt and won't be the last. She keeps the reader gripped in the story with even paced storyline. You don't feel a lag and turning the pages to discover more. Warning - this ends in a cliffhanger of sorts. You think you may have things figured then "Ha!" no you don't. I love this story and all the characters. Even the ones I wanted to junk punch. I can't wait for book 2. I highly recommend this read!
  • 4.75 Stars!!!

    By Yo yo fish
    Collision by K.A. Sterritt Wow ! K.A. Sterritt just left me with my mouth hanging open I shock ! That's how much the ending surprised me. And be prepared ... it does end in a cliffhanger but it's oh so worth it. Collision focuses on Juliette, a young woman with a successful career, amazing friends, and a love for a good fight. However, she's also blessed with an overbearing mother and a boyfriend she's not crazy about at all. While attending an underground fight, Juliette runs into the imposing Leo. And from there both their worlds collide. I loved the flow of this book and the character development was outstanding. Sterritt keeps you completing fascinated with what's to come. A definite 4.75 stars !!!
  • I "Wonderlove" this story

    By Ladydi232
    I loved this book that had me hanging on to every word and nuance, keeping me off balance at every turn in the story! Juliette is such a contradiction. Meek and vulnerable at times, then brave and fighting for her independence. She wants to please her mother. She attends her mother's charity events, wears her mother's clothing selections, and even dates her mother's choice of men. But she tries to assert herself in fast cars and boxing lessons. "I’d never known a girl with so many layers of beauty and torment, but it felt like my soul had recognised its mate in Juliette’s." Leo is a champion underground fighter, part time bartender and stone worker. He refuses to speak about the secrets in his tragic past. Even though they both feel the immediate connection with each other, the obstacles in their way seem completely insurmountable. The moment I would think I was starting to figure out some of the twists and secrets, the author pulled the rug out from under me and I'm left gasping in surprise!! “The night is lit up by a billion stars. If you focus on the black sky, you’re missing the light show"
  • Good read!!😀

    By Jems38
    This is definitely a good read. I'm bummed the 2nd book is so far away from being out.
  • Wow!!!

    By BrittMcC
    I can't believe this is only KA's second book!! Collision absolutely blew me away!! Romance, love, hate, adrenaline, power, twisted secrets and so much more.. And that's just the first few chapters!!! Get it now!!!
  • Love It

    By Mark928s
    Collision is a story that gave me chills. The plot along with amazing character development made this story outstanding. It played with my emotions and left me screaming (literally) for more. Juliette is torn between the facade life she lives and the person she wants to be. Does she want to be who she pretends to be for her mother? As I read her thoughts, I felt the struggle within her. Her confusion is clear until her world collides with Leo. Of course this causes new confusion for her, as she still is stuck in the life she is pretending to love. I wanted to scream at you, Juliette! “Your strengths and your weaknesses are black and white, Juliette. I wanted to see the colours in between." Leo is a strong man who is at war with himself. It became clear not unlike Juliette, Leo also has feelings within that were colliding with each other. He has different reasons but just as compelling as Juliette's....if not more. K.A. Sterritt did an awesome job of making me understand Leo at the same time not really knowing who he was at all. His character drew me to him. The entire novel I craved more of what he was thinking. Juliette and Leo together are amazing. They push together and pull apart causing readers to wonder how they can truly be together. “I didn’t know what I was waiting for until I found a lost soul who belonged to me.” Do they belong together?....You have to read it ti find out. I recommend this book to every reader who is ready for a love story full of intrigue. Thank you, K.A. Sterritt. I can't wait for book two of the Fight for Life series. I received an ARC for an honest review.