The Wedding Season - Samantha Chase

The Wedding Season

By Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2015-06-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 282 Ratings


There were three guarantees in Tricia Patterson’s life:

1.  Her friendship with Sean Peterson was rock solid

2.  She had a career that she absolutely adored

3.  This summer was going to be the death of her

With the proverbial “Always a Bridesmaid and Never a Bride” becoming her new mantra, Tricia didn’t know how she was going to survive this year’s round of weddings.  Six of them this summer alone!  In an attempt to ward off the pity-party, her best friend Sean gives her the perfect solution to help her get through – he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend.  While not certain that was going to be of any help, Tricia’s knows it also won’t hurt.

When circumstances beyond Sean’s control keep him from coming home to Tricia’s aid, he sends his brother Ryan in his place.  Four years older than his brother and his best friend, Ryan isn’t sure why these weddings are such a big deal.  He’s also not sure of what the exact nature is of this relationship between Sean and Tricia.  And that’s becoming a big problem because the more time he spends with Tricia, the more he realizes that she’s the one he wants to plan a wedding with.

*This is a 40,000 word stand-alone novella*


  • The Wedding Season

    By Th_c11
  • Easy read

    By Brbaskets
    A cute easy read.
  • The Wedding Season

    By Lynn B888
    4 1/2 STARS! A sweet set up and fun times together leads to more than they ever bargained for! Tricia Patterson and her best friend Sean Peterson were invited to way too many weddings this summer, so they came up with a plan to pretend to be dating and go together to each one so their friends could no longer try to set them up with people or give them the looks of pity. Only problem is, Sean has something come up that makes it impossible for him to attend, so he sends his brother in his place! Ryan Peterson has always liked Tricia when she was always hanging around with Sean, but never really got to know her on his own. Will the time they spend together at each of these weddings make them wonder why they have never noticed each other before and wonder if they should be planning one of their own??
  • Fantastic

    By bh313@hotmail
    Loved this story!! It seems that everyone Tricia Patterson knows is getting married. Dreading the upcoming summer wedding season with 6 invites already in hand, Tricia and her best friend Sean agree to attend all of them as a couple. That should help keep everyone from giving them the "so sad you're still single" looks! That plan goes up in smoke when Sean is involved in an accident that leaves him hospitalized and out of the country. Luckily for Tricia, Sean's brother Ryan agrees to stand in for Sean for all the weddings. These two spending time together could lead to some really interesting times!! This is a fantastic relaxing read that you don't want to miss. I highly recommend it.
  • Love it

    By Leistk
    Love this book! I read it in one day. I recommend all her books.
  • Review: The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase

    By Friday Night Brides
    The Wedding Season is a sexy sweet read that shows even when family interferes they only has good intentions. Ryan has a work ethic of a stubborn bull, even though he is the boss, he rarely takes time for himself. Ryan after being coerced by his brother agrees to attend weddings of friends with Tricia when Sean gets injured. When Ryan starts having feelings for Tricia is he uncomfortable with his feelings because he believes there is something between Sean and Tricia. Tricia and Sean have been best friends since high school they both are invited to so many weddings that are in their group of friends, they decided to attend together. But when fate steps in Tricia find herself attending the weddings with Ryan, Sean’s brother. Can Tricia make this work for Sean or will she discover there is more to Ryan than she thought? Tricia and Ryan are definitely fun. They turned up the heat in their relationship, but misgivings and miscommunications causes some bumps in the road for these two. Can they work pass the road blocks or will the end of the wedding season be the end to them as well? Supporting characters gave both Ryan and Trish just a lite push that had them exploring whatever it is between them. Sean and Ms. Peterson are up to no good. If their plan works all will be HEA, if not they might just loose two people who they love. The Wedding Season had me feeling a wide range of emotions; from laughing to tear up moments and finally a dislike on how some events played out. Even though those events is what gave The Wedding Season the boost it needed to bring Ryan and Trisha out of their shells. I really enjoyed that Ms. Chase gave us a powerhouse novella that I read in one sitting. I want to thank Ms. Chase showing her readers where Sean and Angie started from before Friday Night Brides. I will say that Sean and Angie don’t met up in this book it is just implied. Rated 4 Stilettos by Deb !
  • A Perfect Summer Read

    By SBart79
    A perfect pool side read for this summer. Summer weddings are so fun, but six weddings alone this summer, Tricia is tired of going stag, so her best friend from high school, Sean has agreed to be her stand in date. Unable to fulfill his commitment, he has his brother, Ryan stand in for him. Once Ryan and Tricia start attending the wedding, a chemistry between the two start to ignites. I really enjoyed the story between Tricia and Ryan, a full story packed into a novella that can be read in one sitting, because you won't want to put it down. I highly recommend this book.